The Art, Pattern and Language of Crochet

Welcome to Crochetology. This website is a repository of some of my work in crochet and its allied arts. As of the moment, I am involved in crochet and hand-sewing. I have several free crochet patterns available on this website, all of them designed to encourage the crocheter to alter and modify patterns and make them her own. On my hand-sewing pages, I present various garments (dresses, blouses and skirts) all made by hand. Like crochet, sewing is meditative and relaxing, a form of healing art. I invite you to join me in this lowly craft of crochet and sewing.

Bohol, Philippines
December 2014


TRIPPLETIMER | "Trippletimer" is a crocheted bolero that I named after the Spanish dance in triple time. It is a basic bolero construction of one piece - from the bottom up. The intention in this pattern is to begin with something basic, then to modify in little sections (such as the edging and sleeves) and then larger modifications (such as using a different openwork stitch for the body of the bolero). I hope that "Trippletimer" encourages you to modify, improvise and begin making your own bolero design.

PAVEL'S TRESSIVIOLINGER | This is a crocheted bolero made up of square motifs. I would recommend this pattern to Intermediate and Advanced Crocheters, or crocheters wishing to use and modify motifs to construct a garment. This pattern is written for small size (30"-32" Bust) and uses only a single skein of yarn (100 grams/about 400 meters). I have included crochet symbol charts for the pattern which may be useful for crocheters interested in modifying the pattern. "Pavel's Tressiviolinger" is intended to encourage crocheters to make their own garments using some basic principles of using and modifying motifs. In fact, the motifs used in this pattern are from a crocheted stole. The name "Pavel's Tressiviolinger" is a bit of a play on Ravel's "Bolero" with the neologism "Tressiviolinger" lifted from a poem I wrote with the help of an n-gram generator.

ANGELUCIENE WHANDOOR | I wrote this pattern because I want a choker that won't fall apart when I wear it. I have it in black for that dark Gothic style. I also have it in white, embellished with a few pearl beads, for a softer look. The inspiration for this pattern are the extraordinary crochet magazines from the Ukraine and Russia. Why not have a look? The term "Angeluciene Whandoor" is from a poem I wrote. It's a neologism I made with the help of an n-gram generator.


Apart from crocheting, I've grown to love sewing. My projects are simple dresses, blouses and skirts. I only sew by hand, I don't use a sewing machine. I don't use sewing patterns, I just use a garment as model. I trace around the garment onto the fabric or I trace over a sheet of paper. Then I improvise from that. You can find my projects on My Sewing Page.

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