One-Ball-of-Yarn challenge

Colorful acrylic yarn from China.

Colorful acrylic yarn from China.

A few days ago, my mom gave me a packet of fingering weight acrylic yarns from China. She got them from her favorite bargain shop. All the yarns were of different colors. So how about a One-Ball-of-Yarn Challenge.

I started by joining the Crochet Jewelry of the Month group on Ravlery, a CAL using a free pattern called the Julie Cuff. I used the new yarns and it worked out okay. So I thought of making my own cuff bracelet and came up with one that also had a flower motif.

The Flower Cuff

The Flower Cuff

What I wanted was a cuff bracelet that had a bit more contrast in texture but I didn’t want to use more than one color, thus the Irish crochet flower laid on top of a regularly patterned background. I made the bracelet with about half a ball of acrylic yarn. With the yarn leftover, it is possible to make another flower. I have several plastic stones with flat backing stashed away so I thought this would be the chance to start using them.

Not quite happy with using only a small amount of yarn, I thought of turning the bracelet into a headband. This headband uses a bit less than a ball of acrylic fingering yarn, that’s about 20-25 grams of yarn. So here’s where the One-Ball-of-Yarn challenge started.

This flower motif headband can be made with just one ball of yarn.

It’s quite fun doing projects like these and reviving my fondness for the good old yarn. I learned to crochet with yarn – in bright red and yellow colors – many years ago. At the moment, I’m onto the next project for my One-Ball-of-Yarn challenge – a collar done in hairpin Lace crochet. :)

The On-Ball-of-Yarn Headband is available as a Free Pattern PDF. You can download it through this link

Please try out the pattern! :)

8 thoughts on “One-Ball-of-Yarn challenge”

  1. Hi!! This is so cute! <3 I've tried downloading the PDF file for it, and it won't open for my computer. Do you mind posting the pattern here on the website or at another place that I can get it straight off the net? thanks SOOOO much in advance. :D

    1. HI Hillary! Thanks for visiting! Now that you mention it, I’ve been thinking of putting the patterns on the web pages too and not just as PDF. A number of people seem to be having problems with PDF files maybe because of changes that Adobe has been making with their Reader software. Some people have solved the problem by installing other PDF readers such as Okular (which is what I use),

      If you continue to have troubles with PDF files, you can try changing your reader. There are several free readers from

      At the same time, I’ll put the pattern up on the site – as soon as my Internet connection gets better (it’s very choppy at the moment…)

  2. Hi!

    You really made it great. May I know where did you buy those yarns? Here in my location, I can really find it difficult to look for quantity of yarns. Thanks.


    1. My mom got these yarns from the ukay-ukay. Yes, the ukay-ukay are also importing cheap acrylic yarns from China! If you’re in Manila, these yarns should be available cheaply in Divisoria. Where is your location?

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