Tea Towel free crochet pattern in PDF

Finally, the PDF version of the pattern for the Crocheted Rose Square Motif Tea Towel is available for download thru this link. Please let me know if you have any problems downloading or viewing the PDF file.

And here is the second version of my tea towel.

Another version of the Rose Square Motif tea towel.

This one uses the colors: burgundy, beige, pale orange, pink and blue-violet. If you would like a tougher towel, you can use this pattern with two strands of cotton thread.

And here’s another tea towel I’m currently working on.

A new tea towel!

This time, this tea towel uses three granny squares. This is also done in more colors, all from my scrap thread collection! ;) And nope, haven’t got tea towel indigestion yet, ahaha! :D

8 thoughts on “Tea Towel free crochet pattern in PDF”

    1. Thanks, Mimi! Nakakatuwang gawin kasi – it has just the right balance of repetitive and varying crochet work. I also want to try making face towels … :)

  1. I love the patterns and can’t wait to get this new one. Please let me know when it’s posted. I love granny squares.

  2. This is so pretty.

    I also want to give you a heads up. The PDF files cannot be downloaded, it is damaged somehow.

    Not a problem for me, just an extra two or three steps to copy in word.

    I have a towel I crocheted, that has no topper yet, so I may use this as the top.

    1. Thanks – and I’ll check the PDF files – which seem to work differently in different systems – which is good reason also to have the patterns on the webpages themselves so most people can access without problems.

  3. I love to crochet; I found a bunch of Tea Towels I would like to make for my family, I download the stuff your article said I had to but I still can not see the directios for the tea towels; there is ike 8 of them I saw that I would like to make fopr my family plos other stuff that I found in just the one website of yours I went to. I am going to have knee surgey soon and it would keep e busy. Is there some way of gettingthose directions?

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