Tibetan Cloud.

What will 2013 crochet be like?

Tibetan Cloud, Yak 2, Silk-Cashmere, Pure Silk..

Tibetan Cloud, Yak 2, Silk-Cashmere, Pure Silk.

These are the materials that I will be working with this year. Yarns from China and Turkey. A batch of silk in beautiful colours will be arriving from India.

I still don’t know what crocheting will be like this year, but I feel that it will be different. I am hoping it will be a marked improvement in skills: crocheting, Irish Crochet, pattern writing and design.

Perhaps most people think that I am a rich white man’s wife who has all the time to crochet. True about the time and the white man, but not so about rich. Crochet is really a kind of life-and-death situation for me. I am crocheting to survive in the future.

Just some 5-8 years ago, I had a very promising career in art and research in the fields of media and culture. Then when we settled here in Baclayon, a rural village, I left all that behind.

Yes, behind me are many long years of education, career and experience in art and culture research. And between me and that investment, is this beautiful rural life that I am still desperately trying to develop new skills for survival.

So at the moment, I have no substantial source of income of my own, no career or business (which I am most unlikely to engage in), or livelihood. I am totally dependent on my husband’s small pension. My husband is some 25 years older than me and I am only 42 years old. I have no children. Sometimes I wonder what would become of me here in 10 or 20 years? I also have no old age pension from my husband at all. Just love, really. :)

Well, miraculously, there is a bit of income from crochet now, maybe US$50 a month. I am able to pay for the domain name and webhosting for this website. And a bit to buy some yarns, some vegetables to eat. It feels nice to be able to earn a bit for myself again.

But the money is only really a side-effect. What I am hoping to do is establish creative work anew in this craft, such a lowly beautiful craft, so different from the work I previously engaged in.

And I terribly miss creating something, I miss joggling my brains with words and numbers, tossing ideas and concepts about, working with my hands in meticulous detail. Crochet is becoming something that fulfils those needs.

I hope this year will be a better year for me and crochet … :)

8 thoughts on “What will 2013 crochet be like?”

  1. It’s really interesting to read about your journey :)
    I actually envy your rural life right now. One day, I hope to just live in a tiny place, surviving on self-sustaining means. One day, I hope to have the guts to do that… I’m very much a city girl. I grew up in Quezon City! :D

    It’s also nice to know that you get a little income from your crochet. It’s very inspiring! I wish you all the best for this year (and onwards!)

    1. Thanks, Edwina! It does take a while to get used to subsistence living, and not rely on money as much as I did when I was living in the city. So yes, it is good to have a bit of money but I need to make sure that it remains a side-effect and not the goal of crocheting.

      Well, maybe it is lucky that I am here sooner than later, when I still have the energy to learn new skills such as farming! :) I never dreamt of living like this, never planned it, so I suppose this happened simply because it was necessary… in your case, I can imagine similarly … it is, ultimately, a better way of life. :)

      Thanks for the good wishes! :)

  2. I wish you all the best dear ! I know you can make it :) Looking forward to more of your designs :)

    I grew up in the province and stayed her in Manila long enough to know the difference :)

    To do something purely out of love, is something not a lot of people can do :)

    1. Bheng, I am looking at this again after 4 months, and God sent me some answers. I am not crocheting as much recently because I felt it more urgent to learn important rural skills. In order to survive and enjoy life, I must learn to take advantage of what the land can offer. So crochet takes the back seat for a while … and I feel my life is becoming more varied and happy. :)

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