Here comes year 2014 …

I’ve changed the theme of this website, something new for the coming year 2014. I hope this new theme works well. I am also starting a new website, not about crochet or crafting, but rather a new place for writing, something which I am beginning to miss quite a bit. When the new website is ready, I will be posting about that soon …

2 thoughts on “Here comes year 2014 …”

  1. It sounds like you had a nice new years. We had a very quiet one here, the Hubby and I ate alone. We are not much on big parties or company. Our idea of a Holiday is to eat early, a few of our favorite foods, then spend the evening reading and listening to music, I get to hear him play sometimes, he is very good on the guitar, flute or recorder. We do not give each other gifts other than on our birthdays. Hope the New Year brings you good luck.

    1. Hi Linda! Happy New Year! That sounds like a good New Year to me too. :) Our New Year’s eve is always quiet too, at home, just me and Trevor. I didn’t burden myself with cooking anymore, too tired and stressed out after all the quake and typhoon. Just cooked spam (US) and dak (Denmark) – both from my aunt who loves processed meats! LOL! And spaghetti and hotdogs! :)

      I hope the weather isn’t too horribly cold there. It is quite cold here now because it has bee raining quite a bit … Let’s hope New Year 2014 will be free of quakes and typhoons … :)

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